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We have been the Italy press office for Eurowings, the low-cost company of Lufthansa Group, for 18 years. Our task was making the brand well known, through a continuous press office activity, highlighting all its dynamic and young actions such as recruiting on Tinder. We were also communicating the continuous development of this fastest growing airline in Europe both in Italy and in the world with its short, medium and long-haul flights.


– Press Releases
– Organization of interviews
– Organization of press conference in collaboration with the main airports
– Organization of round table for specific press target
– Press trips organized in collaboration with Tourism Board
– Collaboration in the organization of events like “Race for the Cure”, charity marathon
– Participation to TTG fair

Analytics & Results

AVE increasing results – 54,4%
Thanks to its great exposure on the Italian media, both trade and consumer, Eurowings is now well renowned as a top quality, low-cost airline, providing top services, flying to top destinations. The airline is now the 3° low-cost in Europe but at the same time it’s the 1°one providing long haul connections with new aircrafts and the unique service of BIZclass, the first business class offered to low-cost airline passengers.
Daily newspaper and financial ones are used to publish news on Eurowings like Corriere della Sera, Il sole 24 Ore, Capital as well as while talking about trip to Germany or long haul destinations many female, lifestyle or travel magazines mentio

flugbegleiterin-kabine-eurowings vert


Vulnerability Analysis

Thanks to our experience, we can analyze a company’s risks and possible vulnerabilities in order to plan the management strategy of a possible crisis in a completely customized way

Assembling a crisis team and a ‘Crisis Communication Handbook’

Having a team dedicated to crisis communication is fundamental for any client who knows that they’ll need to be able to count on people who are specifically trained to deal with such situations, should the need arise. Moreover, the drafting of a Crisis Plan will allow everyone to follow standard and proven procedures, ensuring that everyone is always up to date on the progress of the crisis.

Crisis simulation and control

Simulating a crisis in order to understand possible problems and weaknesses is fundamental for avoiding mistakes during the communication of an emergency. This is why we organize, with the cooperation of the client, annual simulations, and crisis tours in order to always be ready for a possible real-life situation.


Online & offline ad campaigns

Through our direct contacts with the media, we create multi-channel advertising campaigns that integrate online and offline messaging in order to maximize visibility. We also design targeted campaigns for specific audiences. In short, we’re always experimenting with new and unconventional ways of communicating, to ensure that the client’s image and message are always memorable.

Dynamic and out-of-home advertising

We realize advertising campaigns in Italy’s major cities, communicating through street posters, dynamic advertising on public transit vehicles, and interactive billboards.

TV, radio, and web commercials

We support customers in choosing the most suitable media through which to convey their message using the major Italian networks, creating spots for TV, radio, and/or the web, maximizing both the investment and the return.

Merchandising & gadgets

From branded shopping bags to pen drives, our network of suppliers makes it possible for us to provide merchandising support for virtually any type of campaign.

Video production

Thanks to our team of experienced video makers, we create institutional videos, short illustrative videos, and commercials that can directly engage the audience in a very short time.

Website development and SEO

Now that the web is the heart of communication, it’s essential to keep your website always updated and indexed because it’s the primary showcase of any brand or product. We can do that for you, adapting texts and content to SEO parameters.


Sales calls

Sales calls are the first contact we make with the trade. This allows us to introduce the customer and get a sense of the destinations and products with the aim of improving the awareness and perception of your product.

In-house presentations

We organize in-house presentations for potential customers of the brand, so that we can present the products directly to those who will be dealing with them every day.

Road shows

We organize itinerant events that will allow you, in a single “tour”, to make direct contact with the main players in your industry, giving you the opportunity to make yourself known and create personal relationship of trust while also optimizing time.

FAM trip

We organize familiarization trips. A firsthand encounter with a product or service keeps the experience alive in the agents’ minds and helps them to provide more complete and compelling information to their customers.

Co-marketing with retailers

Sponsoring your brand in partnership with a retailer has several advantages: loyal retailers will be willing to take your product or service seriously, resulting in an symbiotic exchange of knowledge, loyalty and values.

Trade fairs and workshops

We organize fairs and workshops, supporting the customer with our presence at their stand, which in turn facilitates first contact with the Italian trade.

DEMs and newsletters

We create and distribute DEMs and newsletters to the trade. This is an effective tool aimed at stimulating immediate interest in the product among a wide audience in a very short timeframe.


Visual communication

We support our clients in the development and production of promotional materials thanks to our team of graphic designers and producers, always on hand to devise original and impactful solutions. Our agency can create brochures, posters, merchandising, posters, graphic design for trade fairs, etc.

Direct marketing

Direct contact with the consumer is a strategy that often pays off. Martinengo & Partners Communication realizes in-store promotions, market surveys, telemarketing plans, ad campaigns for social media and the best websites, direct mail, and email marketing campaigns.

Advertising campaigns

Thanks to the experience of a team of professionals in the field, we are able to support our clients in all phases of an advertising campaign: from the concept to the claim, from the organization of targeted photoshoots to the realization of videos and soundtracks.

Media buying and planning

We deal with online and offline ad planning, providing the client with every tool for measuring the investment and targeting the campaign in order to best position their message.

Content marketing

Given the ever-increasing influence of the web on consumer behavior, we have made content marketing one of our strong points. As such, we create relevant content in collaboration with the major bloggers, influencers, and multipliers of each sector with the aim of maximizing the client’s web reputation and optimizing their position on search engines.


Representative office, your partner in profit

We support foreign companies that want to establish themselves in the Italian market through a representative office managed by a professional staff, experienced in the field and present for years in the Italian market.

After assessing the current position of the client on the Italian market, we deploy our deep knowledge of this market to design and develop sales & marketing, communication, and public relations strategies aimed at growing the presence of the brand in Italy and increasing sales.

Starting from a market analysis and the constant gathering of market intelligence, we elaborate a strategy that will lead to a smart positioning of your brand and the achievement of the set goals. An ongoing exchange of information and monthly reports that measure results (Key Performance Indicator) will allow us to update the strategies in real time so that they are always functioning optimally.

From our prestigious headquarters in the center of Milan, we support foreign companies that want to establish themselves in the market of Italy and Italian Switzerland through a representative office managed by a professional staff, experienced in the field and active for years in the market.

Through our network of international partners we can offer the same services in the areas of the world of greatest interest to our customers.


Organization of multi-target events

Whether it is an event dedicated to the press, a corporate event, or a public event, we know how to offer our clients creative and original solutions to promote themselves. The most suggestive locations, the most reputable caterers, the most advanced audio-
video services, and the most professional hospitality staff: these are all at our disposal for organizing truly unique events for our clients.

Press events

The organization of press events is a fundamental part of our press office and public relations activities. From press conferences and sneak previews to press breakfasts, trips and site inspections: we manage every kind of event with the same passion and attention to detail.

Trade events

Workshops, road shows, trade fairs, congresses, conventions, corporate meetings, and corporate events are essential from a communication perspective. Our team designs successful trade events, involving the best professionals of the sector.

Consumer events

We propose creative and unconventional solutions designed to make the brand and the product unforgettable for the consumer.


Planning social media presence

It all starts with defining a communication strategy, the ideal way to establish the client’s goal and the message they want to convey on social media, followed by the drafting of an editorial calendar that creates a synergy between the platforms, using the most suitable language for each of them.

Community management

We manage social communities for our clients in order to generate interaction between the brand and its fan base. To further stimulate engagement, we create contests and online games tailored to the brand’s followers.

Social media advertising

We create customized advertising campaigns for each social media platform, further personalized to suit the target, the budget, and the goals established at the outset.

Brand reputation monitoring

We offer our clients the best tools for monitoring online reputation, so that we can intervene in the best way in case of crisis.


Press office

Having a press office is fundamental for a good multichannel communication strategy. With a deep understanding of the various media and their specific languages, our team of experts can support clients in the planning and development of a media relations strategy across all sectors. From the production of content to the composition of an effective press kit; from individual press trips to media events; from the creation of dedicated newsrooms to follow up activities: we have the right tools to support every kind of company in its communication efforts.

Digital PR

Online channels are becoming an increasingly privileged point of communication because they’re such an easy reference point for consumers. Thanks to the spread of the internet and smartphones, consumers are more inclined than ever to search for information and read news, articles, and reviews directly online. Our agency creates strategic online communication activities with the aim of increasing the perception of a brand both through the creation of edited user-generated content and SEO, and through a network of bloggers and influencers with whom we work closely. No less important are the monitoring and analysis of web reputation that we conduct, using the best platforms to help the client to have the most effective online presence.

Corporate press office

We devise and implement corporate media relations strategies that are useful in supporting companies that are already well-known on the international market as well as those that are entering the Italian market for the first time or are in the process of rebranding or start-up. Based on the initial brief from the client, we create background material such as company profiles and institutional photos, videos, and brochures, and organizing events like press conferences, round tables, and personal interviews. This ongoing activity allows a constant dialogue with our clients.